About Us

Do you remember the story of the man who bought a ¼” drill bit? He was really buying a ¼” hole. The drill bit was just the means to get there.  Well, our services are very similar. We’re not just providing you with advertising; We encourage more traffic to your store, and the ad just tells people about you.  We’re not just creating a regular, every-day brochure for you;  our design will be memorable and we will communicate that you have the high quality products your customers want and that it’s easy to buy from you.

We thrive on making your business more successful. That’s our mission. Once you take us on you have a true partner who will give you 100%, all the time, no exceptions.


Who are “we”?

“We” are a team of professionals. We’ve known each other for fifteen+ years and every single person is an expert in her specialty (yes, most of us are women). Wow, that’s a large company with a lot of overhead and steep pricing!

Here’s the neat part. We are not. No ritzy offices, no sports cars. We choose to be great, not big. We’re all about high quality, high value, not high volume. We’re local to the Atlanta area, which translates into very short lines of communication that save time and eliminate confusion. This tight-knit group of people is a powerhouse of creativity, determined to make you look and sound good.

How does it work?

We start off with a personal meeting to learn about you and your project. You have one point of contact. Your dedicated account professional takes care of all your needs, whether that is a business card, a corporate identity overhaul, a series of ads or a full-fledged cross channel marketing campaign. We also cross over into business strategy consulting but more of that later… Before the project is launched, we will fill out a creative brief together. That will give us a solid direction and makes sure that we understand what your goals are. Visit our What to Expect section for more information.

We had a lunch meeting recently to talk about a client’s project and one team member – our trusted printer – suddenly said “you know what I hate?” Now she’s the most mild mannered person you can imagine so she had our full attention. She said

“I hate when people say “it can’t be done” to a client. There’s always a way. It may not be 100% of the original idea but we can make it work and to our standard of excellence.”

That’s the attitude you will encounter when you work with us.

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