Product MerchandisingMerchandising is a broad field. It can span the spectrum from cardboard pop-up displays that go into 35 local retailers to a national reset program with a home improvement company with hundreds of stores. Of course it’s not enough to design a display that “speaks to” your target group of customers. You most likely also need packaging, samples and brochures.

For example, if you are in the flooring business you’re looking for removable sample boards, architect folders, brochures, brochure holders, product guides for the sales associates and the all-important planogram, plus assembly instructions and shipping. We’ve done all of it. Do you know how many moving parts are in a merchandising program? It should be a question on Jeopardy.

Since we have been through so many merchandising projects we know what can go wrong and we pro-actively make sure it doesn’t.  In fact, we go so far to say that we relish the challenge now.  How do we go about it? Plans. Project plans. Plans that delineate the strategy (goal, audience, metrics), the line item, the cost, the time it takes to design, produce and ship, who is the lead on the item, who is the co-lead, how do we reach them, what is the deadline, who needs the aspirin first?

Installation of a flooring product that “clicked” together

In Memoriam of Justin, a co-worker and friend who left us much too soon.

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