Expect SuccessOne of the joys of our job is to be able to shape how a company sounds. Copywriting is a process that requires a lot of intuition.

  • You have to consider the industry. For instance, a fashion studio sounds very different from a financial advisor.
  • You have to learn the vocabulary.
  • You have to know a fair bit about the client’s customers and how they buy.
  • The client will have his own unique way of communication. Think Apple versus IBM.

We are very aware of how important your voice is. It determines how you are perceived by your customers and the market in general so we give it a lot of consideration and thought. We have written copy for a senior care home, a luxury linen e-tailer, a dynamic fundraising site, a 500 acre residential development in Alabama and lots in between, so our range is considerable.

Whether you need sales presentations, corporate PowerPoint presentations, website content, press releases or marketing collateral, rest assured that we never take the “paint-by-the-numbers” approach.

The featured press release was one in a series of four.  We also organized the grand opening for this retailer in gourmet dog biscuits in Town Center Mall with speakers, children’s games and contests.  We even had a famous visitor: Bill Borden and one of his sled dogs, both of whom participated in the Iditarod, the first and only Georgia competitor to finish the race.


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