The Chief Client Officer (CCO)

SusanSusan Lorek, the owner of On-Demand Marketing considers herself the Chief Client Officer of her business. Everything starts and ends with the customer. That has been her mantra for over 15 years and every partner and vendor who works with ODM adheres to that same tenet or they don’t work with her. That sounds awfully strict but that is a non-negotiable core item. Having said that, she and her team are actually pretty easy to get along with.

Susan grew up in Europe and lived in Egypt, Mexico and New York before making Atlanta, Georgia her home. Living in foreign countries broadens the horizon, fosters flexibility and enhances creativity.

Example: If you can’t find sugar or toilet paper in the local market, you band together with other expatriate women, fly to Frankfurt with a couple of empty suitcases, proceed to the super market in the basement of the airport, fill one or two buggies with the absolute necessities like pickled herring, chocolate and oh yes, sugar and toilet paper to catch the return flight in the afternoon. We did not make this up!

So life experiences and working in big and small corporations prepared her more than adequately for the leap into entrepreneurship.

Susan’s last corporate position was VP of Marketing at a flooring company and that industry is still close to her heart. However, she has worked with clients across the spectrum of the American business landscape.

LilliFamily is most important to her, especially since most of them live so far away. She is married and volunteers regularly at a no-kill cat shelter.

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