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We are excited to announce that we are now in the International Tradeshow business. Thanks to a new partnership with He:Lee EXPO’s Ulf Leenings in Duesseldorf, Germany – a 20 year veteran of the industry.

Find out which countries we cover.

Here’s how it would work:

Say, you want to exhibit at SwissMoto in Zurich, Switzerland. The first step is to schedule a meeting with us right here in the U.S. so we can learn about your strategy and expectations for the show. We’ll then help you with the design of the booth, marketing materials and promotion. If you need translations for your brochures and hand-outs, we can help as well. Then we sign a contract that specifies each line-item we discussed.

Equipped with your ideas and goals, we develop a detailed Project Plan that includes deadlines, and assigns responsibilities.

When you arrive in Zurich, one of our representatives will already be waiting for you. Our Project Managers are native speakers in each country we operate in. They are completely familiar with local business practices, have an average of 15 years of tradeshow experience and are also fluent in English. This on-site project lead manages every aspect of the installation of your booth all the way to dismantling it. He or she, as is the case in Canada, is also your partner during the show and will assist with just about every need that can arise, such as medical care, a lost passport or emergency chocolate cravings.

Our goal is to make you more efficient and successful at your show. That means we want to take most of the “mundane stuff” off your to-do list, so you can concentrate on conducting business.


Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe

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