What to Expect

Expect SuccessYou need marketing services. We would like to work with you. Our goal is to understand what you are trying to achieve and then work in the background – with frequent updates – so you can go about your business.

Preliminary Questions

When you contact us and after you’ve told us what you need, we’ll ask some preliminary questions, things like who your target audience is and what you consider success. Then we’ll do even more listening to get to the core of your vision for the marketing project.

Formalizing the Vision

We’ll most likely schedule a kick-off meeting and come prepared with an agenda and a brief creative draft. By creating this draft, we’re making our ideas concrete so that we can both focus on what we want to achieve.

Be Forewarned!

We see everything from the customer’s perspective. No – not yours. Your customers’ perspective. What are they looking for? What is of interest to them? What are their pain points? What issues can we solve? So we think about their buying habits as opposed to your selling habits. It’s almost all about “what’s in it for them”.

A Category of One

Then we find ways to show you in a light that makes you the only logical option for them. Best-selling author and long-time acquaintance Joe Calloway calls this becoming a “Category of One”.  Depending on the scope we may develop a comprehensive project plan with attached responsibilities and delivery deadlines.

Brainstorm Central

Promotional Product "Bendy"This is the beginning of the brainstorming sessions for us. We come up with ideas, write down concepts…
One time we were trying to come up with a mailing that would be memorable and fun. As it often happens when people get together to free associate ideas, they range from the weird to the wonderful. Bendy (pictured) is the product of a meeting that started with cut-out dolls that looked like Napoleon. Bendy ended up in a nest of turquoise shredded paper with a letter that explained how this company has solved their clients’ issues by being “flexible” and how they can do the same for them.

Time for Another Meeting

These sessions usually result in several concepts that we will present to you.You decide on which concept fits your personality best, we fine-tune it and go to work.

Communication is Key

You will receive regular updates via your favorite means of communications: Phone, in-person, email or text. Once the campaign has launched we’ll monitor progress and report back to you (if we are the tracker of the success).

We promise it won’t be boring!

Each relationship we forge is different from the last, so this is only a “scratch the surface” kind of overview. Our involvement can be as simple as new business cards or we help you all the way with cross channel campaigns, tradeshow administration from A to Z or a complete re-branding.

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