Production and Fulfillment

Production and Fulfillment

Once the brainstorming is done and the design has been signed off on, the tactical part, the implementation phase starts. This is where the proof is in the pudding (that is the technical term).

Without production partners we can rely on and vendors that deliver when they say they will – the best strategy, design and ideas are reduced to rubble.  To shamefully steal and adapt Jeff Foxworthy’s vernacular:

  • If the graphics for your 3-panel wall banner for the tradeshow doesn’t lay flat or reflects the light too much – you should be very unhappy.
  • If the images or text in your brochure are out of register (blurry) – you should be very unhappy.
  • If your product labels don’t stay put – you should be very unhappy.
  • If your logo (perish the thought) or its colors are off – you should be very unhappy.
  • If your product samples don’t fit your display in spite of the fact that the correct specs were communicated – you should be very unhappy.

There are so many things that can go wrong in production that having the right partners to work with is absolutely critical to us. Since we’ve been in the marketing business for over twelve years, we know people who know people who know what they are doing really well. So rest assured that we work with the best. If – it happens (rarely) – something should go wrong, we pledge to fix it, no matter what.

Fulfillment sort of dovetails into production. When we are tasked with sending invitations or mailings, we’re happy to stuff envelopes and lick stamps. If you are REALLY late in sending Holiday cards, we can make the deadline, even if it means creating an outstanding, personalized email blast that gets there right on time. Product samples are another example. Say we are designing and producing merchandising for you, we’ll get the kits to distributors or retailers, including planograms and assembly instructions.


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