Tradeshow ServicesThe graphic designers I work with are my creative muses, but when it comes to organization, timelines, responsibilities and who does what and when, I start having fun.  Maybe it’s my Ozzie and Harriet upbringing, maybe it’s knowing from experience that lots of things can and will fall through the cracks if you don’t manage them – I definitely have a project management outlook.

This talent comes in mighty handy when preparing for tradeshows. My team and I have been through so many exhibition assignments that we’ve gotten exceptionally good at them. We help you from concept to execution.

What does that mean?

We first distribute a “strategy document” to all the stakeholders. It asks pointed questions, such as what is your goal for this show? What are your measurements of success? What is your main message? Upon analysis of the results, we design the booth.

We place a premium on maximum traffic flow, messaging, “wow” effect and – oh this is really important – comfort for the crew manning the booth (double thick carpet padding, places to sit with clients, electrical outlets to charge tablets, laptops and phones, water to re-hydrate). If your exhibit team isn’t happy they can’t do a good job representing your brand and close sales.

We work closely with exhibit fabricators to make sure your strategy comes to life properly.

We then take care of all the show orders, such as electric, material handling, lighting, etc. If you are really stretched thin, we’ll also take care of the hotel reservations, lunch and dinner arrangements and meeting schedules.

Once you are back, tired and sore – we conduct a post mortem. This sounds really dark but it’s a lot of fun! We analyze the accomplishments of the show according to your success measurements. One way we do this is by sending out an anonymous survey to all participants to get the honest-to-goodness opinion of everyone. We found that to be a really good way to improve each subsequent show. It’s also a great tool for management to know if tradeshows are worth the money and effort.

We can also manage your tradeshow overseas or in South America!  Take a look at how we translate your brand to foreign markets.

In 2012 I had the great fortune to meet with Sue Lorek and engage her team in the re-branding of our company image. She was always involved, always well organized and bringing “added” value with ideas and insights and perhaps most important always felt like a part of the team. She "got us" and this is key to not just doing a re-naming but getting the core essence of the brand, what we are, WHO we are and what we stand for. Great work. Great lady! Kevin Browett, CEO NutraNovus
When I think of ODM, I think of that famous line from the old A-team episodes–"I love it when a plan comes together." Susan Lorek, the owner, is a master at creating and executing a smart marketing plan, tailor-made for your company's specific needs. She has the unique ability to keep all the components of the project moving in the right direction, staying on-budget and arriving on-time.Danielle B, Adairsville

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