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Marketing Collateral Many of our clients come to us for marketing materials, such as brochures, folders, mailers and catalogs.

But have you considered product guides? Do your customers really know your products or services? Tell them!  Spell out what’s in it for them!  If your mindset is “how would my customers respond to my marketing efforts” – it may change your approach significantly. How do you solve their problems? What is it that makes your customers’ lives easier? How can you make them more successful, more efficient? The real value you can provide is in offering the solution before they ask for it!

A brochure, written from the customer’s point of view will sound different from the vast majority of your competitors’ brochures. Result? You stand out!

If you are a provider of raw ingredients that end up in your customers’ products, suggest packaging! To really drive home your value proposition, help with formulating a new recipe or offer product knowledge sessions to their employees.  We can’t help with formulating concoctions that will end up on the shelves as supplements but we can create powerful, stop-your-customer-in their-tracks packaging and teaching guides to help your sales team become the go-to people for their clients.

If you are a consultant, are you conducting seminars on operations and warehousing, safety and processes?  Teach your customer how to expand their newfound knowledge to start training programs for peers in the same industry and give them an additional revenue stream!

We are very conscious of the toils and troubles sales teams are faced with. It’s a hard job! On the one hand, you are held to sales goals, on the other you have these reluctant prospects who talk to three and more sales representatives a day and really don’t want to listen to one more pitch. Every sales person can empathize. So what would it be like to have sales tools that will change the dynamics from the get go? What if they are different, interactive and interesting?

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