Case Study – Showroom Installation

Sounds innocent, doesn’t it? We found out that it isn’t.

Product ShowroomProduct ShowroomProduct Showroom


A flooring company wanted a space to showcase their beautiful hardwood flooring products at their U.S. headquarter in Kennesaw. The room was on the interior, so there was no natural light. It featured your typical fluorescent bulbs and high ceiling. We transformed the room to make it inviting and comfortable for meetings and organized it to show the products in a museum atmosphere. There was a fringe benefit: it doubled as a space for company celebrations.


The company had a good sized room that used to be home to accounting, purchasing and customer service. After about ten people were relocated, we went to work. We needed a contractor to build a “sample wall” (image), build a tray ceiling to accommodate recessed lighting, install a hardwood “puzzle” (image), create a recess for a flat screen TV for presentations and add dimmers for mood lighting. Ok – done.

Then came the interior decorating. Thank goodness for designer Danielle! She has this keen sense of balance and beauty, while keeping in mind that business would be conducted in this space.

We went on a quest to find the furniture and found a Barcelona seating group and a neat table at furniture row in Atlanta (this is where designers go to stage homes and where movie producer’s assistants find just the right piece of furniture for the set). Meanwhile, samples and labels were made for the “wall”, acrylic insets were designed and produced to describe the wood species, steel cable museum mounting was found for the explanatory panels in the corners (image) and – a new floor was laid. Incidentally, customer service representatives and the executive admin helped with wall papering the shelves for the samples. I am still very grateful for their assistance.

We needed a separation between the entry and the seating group, so designer Danielle found the perfect fabric to hang from the ceiling (image). The piece de resistance was the “puzzle”. It had served at a tradeshow already and was now going to be mounted on the wall. No small feat. The square was so heavy that the wall needed to be reinforced.

Meanwhile, the technical manager installed the most beautiful floor in the room. The stage in front of the “wall” showed an inset of exotic wood, Chocolate Sapele if memory serves, surrounded by birch. The lighting was designed to fit the exact mood needed: bright to present the samples, medium to sit and talk or low to watch a product video.


This showroom elevated the company in the eyes of prospective and current customers a few notches because the set-up was so perfect for their needs. Instead of walking through a warehouse and pulling planks out of boxes, they were able to see the whole offering in one (really cool looking) place and conduct business in peace, without the background noises of forklifts and trucks.

Overall we achieved a sleek European look that elicited a lot of compliments from visitors!

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