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ADH International

AHD International is a nutraceutical company that sells ingredients to customers who incorporate them into supplements, snacks and beverages. This is an over simplification, because they do so much more, but you’ll have to find out on your own if you’re in the market.

AHD – the initials of the three owners. The company was poised for the next step and that’s where we came in. How do you reposition a company that is ready to grow?

This client went all out and started with a re-naming of the firm. We were so excited! It happens very rarely that we can start with a clean slate. So we scheduled a brain storming session with the core team. The new name had to communicate which industry they are in and it also had to emphasize that they are not your ordinary “order-ship-and-thank-you-very-much” supplier. The session, which involved legos and lots and lots of post-it® notes resulted in the name “NutraNovus”.

We created a style guide that locked in the only logo versions that could be used, such as 4-color, black/white and white. We also came up with a font family for all the marketing materials to make sure they would look consistent across all applications.



ADH (above) was renamed and re-branded to NutraNovus (below).

We tackled the letterhead, business cards and forms before we launched into sales materials. Thanks to the exceptional capabilities of the graphic designer I worked with and my humble copywriting skills, we not only gave the company a completely new look but the sales team finally had some tools to back up their presentations and educational sessions.

Then the #1 industry tradeshow came along. It is imperative to involve the client team every step of the way. 1) to make sure we are communicating the correct strategic message. 2) to get their valuable input. They know the industry the best and had very good ideas for the pre-mailing and booth. 3) to create a sense of ownership in the process. It’s fun to see the finished product and to know that you helped shape it.

We had an app, advertised ahead of the show, invited current and prospective customers, developed an impressive product demonstration and – finally, after everyone came back tired but charged up – analyzed the results.

Take a look at the Project Management section. It’ll tell you a bit more about how we approach tradeshow organization.

In 2012 I had the great fortune to meet with Sue Lorek and engage her team in the re-branding of our company image. She was always involved, always well organized and bringing “added” value with ideas and insights and perhaps most important always felt like a part of the team. She "got us" and this is key to not just doing a re-naming but getting the core essence of the brand, what we are, WHO we are and what we stand for. Great work. Great lady! Kevin Browett, CEO NutraNovus
We never realized how much we needed a professional marketing person until Susan and ODM came to our rescue. They worked with us through rebranding all our products plus the company itself, redesigning the website, putting on the creative hat and coming up with wonderful marketing collateral to send to tradeshows and our customers. They came up with a new trade show booth design for us that was professional, eye catching and exactly what was needed.Tamara M, Atlanta

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