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We received a call from Sue Picardi, fellow member of the Chamber of Commerce in Cobb County. They needed “new marketing”. Sue and her husband John run Active Financial Group. He is the financial advisor and Sue is the marketing department and the networker.

They wanted a new brand identity and a fresh look. Enter graphic designer Rhonda of Juggling Cat Design. We came up with about six logo versions and had settled on one when John entered the conference room. After five minutes of pleasantries we completely changed the art direction. John was fairly emphatic on which logo he liked best and he made a really good case for it.

Great! We had the logo and proceeded to write, design and produce their marketing materials. Meanwhile, Sue had the office painted in the new colors and put a logo wrap on the office windows. She went to Garden Ridge, Michaels and who knows where else to decorate the entry area, offices and conference room. This woman knows interior design!

We designed the business cards and a folder that contained a very concise set of documents (that we wrote) outlining how they are different from other advisors. Sue put the final touches on everything and now they are our biggest advocates. We can’t thank them enough for recommending our services to everyone from the mailman to C-level clients.

Branding and Marketing Collateral

Folder and stepped inserts 

In 2012 I had the great fortune to meet with Sue Lorek and engage her team in the re-branding of our company image. She was always involved, always well organized and bringing “added” value with ideas and insights and perhaps most important always felt like a part of the team. She "got us" and this is key to not just doing a re-naming but getting the core essence of the brand, what we are, WHO we are and what we stand for. Great work. Great lady! Kevin Browett, CEO NutraNovus
As a graphic designer who works with Susan frequently, I am always impressed with her great combination of professionalism and ability to get along well with everyone! Susan has the exceptional ability to come up with clever and on-point marketing ideas and then implement them with great writing skills and superb project management.Rhonda W, Marietta

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