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Your Hope Grows websiteIn today’s market, your website is the cornerstone of marketing and sales for your business. So when we agreed to work with author Jan McKenzie on developing her brand new website, we looked at the latest ways to catch the eye of her audience.

Every once in a while a client comes along who is not only good for the mind but good for the soul. Jan McKenzie fits that bill perfectly. She is a single mother of two amazing kids (all grown up), a former corporate executive for training and development at one of my favorite cable networks, a solopreneur, speaker, coach and – author. was designed to support the creativity and inspirational theme of Jan’s four books. As editor on several of her books, I was familiar with her message. By designing the covers for The Seven Promises of Hope we learned about her visual style. When it came time to build her website, I knew we had to create a positive and interactive tool that would promote both her books and her speaking engagements.

The design of the website draws immediate attention to what’s new, including new products and her monthly blog, as well as to her key message –“the power of hope to direct and transform your life, no matter what the circumstances.” It allows you to sign up for her free newsletter. The user has easy access to free lesson plans for teachers for her most recent book as well as videos of Jan’s speaking engagements and the ability of users to interact with the author.

Her inspirational books, When Jesus Shows Up and The Seven Promises of Hope are endorsed by internationally acclaimed leadership experts and bestselling authors Stephen M R Covey and Dr. Ken Blanchard.

Since we launched her website she has had multiple book signings with Barnes and Noble, is selling more books online, and has been the featured speaker for interested groups in many cities. She also has found an audience for her first children’s book, Casey Lou and the Monster in the Attic, by reading to enthusiastic audiences of children and teachers in elementary schools. Her business is growing. We’d like to help you get the same result.

Casey Lou and the Monster in the Attic “Jan’s latest book, Casey Lou and The Monster In the Attic, encourages children to think through their problems in order to face their fears. It is co-written with her daughter Jessica and illustrated by her son Josh.”

Susan Lorek is one of the most gifted marketing experts I know and her company, On-Demand Marketing, offers so many ways to get your message out and help your business grow.  Not only are her results outstanding, but the process of working with her is truly refreshing.  Imagine working with someone who is smart, savvy about marketing and the business world, well connected with other truly talented experts, and a joy to speak with and you can predict what your experience with On-Demand Marketing will be.  I’m incredibly grateful for all she has done to build my business!Jan M, Atlanta

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