Entrentrepreneur business growth

Growth And The Entrepreneur

Entrentrepreneur business growth
You’ve probably read the recent blog “Is Growth Good for Business?” Now it’s time to illuminate the human aspect of a growing enterprise.

CEO quote: “It takes one set of skills to run (manage) a company, and it takes an entirely different set of skills to grow (lead) a company.”

Let’s start with the owner of the company. He or she built it, nurtured it and worked it. There is a distinct transition an entrepreneur goes through as the firm grows. From a leadership perspective you’ll make these transitions at certain life cycle stages of your business:

First, you do everything. Then you hire a manager, typically when you have more than 7 employees, after which you take a step back and function as the COO, and finally – you become a mentor to your managers.

From a technical perspective, this is what happens:

To put it in a nutshell: you go from ME (my idea, my product, my way) to THEM (employees & customers and their needs).

This brings up a very important question: Are you still the right person to lead this enterprise or should you hire someone with skill sets that compliment yours for maximum efficiency?

Next, we’ll explore how you create a culture of highly engaged employees.
Hint: they lead to highly satisfied customers.

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