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Increasing Foot Traffic To Your Store

foot-trafficIf you own a brick-and-mortar store, I know you are wondering how to increase foot traffic. You have your formula of needing x-number of customers to close y-number of sales, but the formula may not give you the result you want.

There are a lot of things you can do. Let’s take your flooring retail store. If you’ve ever visited one you know that they are crammed full with displays. The owner operates on the assumption that the more choices he can offer his customer the better. Not necessarily. Look at your floor plan and see if there is a way to de-clutter it. Do you really need twelve kinds of hardwood and nine of laminate flooring? Can you widen the aisles? Also check out your lighting. There are many types of lighting on the market, that are suitable for a variety of applications. Do you want to highlight a product? Maybe halogen is the right choice. Do you want to create a certain mood (elegance, tranquility, energy)? Choose the correct brightness. Is the sales floor in good shape? After all, that’s what you are selling and it should be gleaming and dust-free. Many manufacturers have show floor programs that allow you to showcase your products and your store interior at a reasonable cost.

Is your sales staff neatly dressed? Are your employees knowledgeable about your product offering? Could you conduct a little in-store seminar?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and imagine walking in. Is it a pleasant experience?

Ok, let’s leave the store and see what else we can find. Could you contact managers of condominium complexes or subdivisions and offer to teach the residents about your industry? This works great for flooring because more people are remodeling right now instead of purchasing a new home. They appreciate knowing the difference between a solid and engineered hardwood floor, for instance. But it also works for any manner of other products, such as “green” cleaning solutions, cosmetics, fashion, art galleries. Many subdivisions have active homeowner associations and they are always looking to organize events. Focus on education rather than selling but do give out your business cards at the conclusion of the event.

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